National Grid Approved Supplier

You need an exceptionally high level of engineering excellence to work for the National Grid and earn their trust as a technology partner. I & M were selected for:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Industry's best engineers
  • Best technical expertise
  • Flexible working
  • Cost-effective products.

With a solid track record of supplying on- and off-shore substations and wind farms, we are one of only three companies able to meet the high standards required to make LVAC switchboards for the National Grid.

High quality ranges

Our CUBIC product range – a versatile, modular, type-tested system – delivers simple, reliable, and assured quality performance for substation LVAC supplies.

And both the low voltage and high voltage distribution switchboards and control panels we manufacture conform to stringent National Grid technical specifications.

High-profile alliance partners

We work not only with the National Grid but with its alliance partners. Among them are Mitsubishi, ABB, AMEC and Alstom. We work with them from design to manufacture to installation, through to commissioning, always providing outstanding customer service and high-quality technical support.















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